Why wear Christian Clothing?

Why Wear Christian Clothing?

Why wear Christian clothing?

In this blog I write about why it can be a good thing to wear Christian clothing as a Christian.

Subtle evangelism

Many Christians find it difficult to tell others about 'the good news' (the gospel of Jesus) while we are actually called to do this (Mark 16:15: And Jesus said to them: ''Go into the world and preach the good news to everyone''). Clothing with a Christian message can help us spread the good news because you are not the one who has to take the first step. Someone else will ask you what a text means for example, or gives a compliment about a design. This can easily lead to a conversation about Jesus and will plant a seed in them to think about it. Usually, however, you will see that you are not even addressed, but even then you are already planting a seed in someone else because someone is confronted with a Christian message or with Christian symbols. Consciously or unconsciously, that person will then think about Jesus. It is also possible that someone just really needed to see that loving text on your hoodie, which can do something beautiful within that person.

The usefulness of (subtle) evangelism

I have noticed a lot around me that evangelism that is 'forced' often backfires. That is why this modern and subtle way of evangelizing through clothing is a godsend. I am not saying that the other approach is always wrong, because sometimes that is also necessary to reach others, but if you like a more subtle approach, evangelizing through clothing is a nice solution.

Christians are suddenly cool

Christians are generally seen as dull, boring people. In addition, Christians are often put in the news in a negative way; if a Christian makes a slip, then it is big news. But when a Christian does something right, you often hear nothing. It is therefore a misconception of others that Christians are supposedly not allowed to make mistakes, because no, everyone sins, including Christians. We are no different from others in this and we all need Jesus because of our sinful nature. Christians on the other hand do admit that they are sinful and that they need a savior for that, and that savior is Jesus Christ.

By wearing modern Christian clothing you can prove the opposite of the stereotype of Christians that prevails among others. Apparently, being a Christian doesn't have to be just boring (according to the stereotype). In this way, others can be inspired by "cool Christians" because they see another side of being a Christian for once: namely, the side that is generally less known and that is much more attractive to modern non-Christians.

Don't get me wrong, every Christian should dress the way he/she wants to dress but if you already love modern clothes and want to spread the love of Jesus but don't know how, why not wear modern Christian clothes and show that being a Christian isn't just dull and dusty? In addition, the clothing will of course give you an extra boost if you already evangelize a lot in any way.

Would you like to know how you can properly wear and combine our modern Christian clothing? Then read our fashion tips in this blog!

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