How to wear Christian Clothing

How to wear Christian Clothing

How to wear Christian clothing

In this blog I give tips on how you can best wear and combine (our) Christian clothing. I give tips per item of clothing, but also share a number of general tips. In addition, photos have been added for inspiration.

Subtle Christian Clothing

Christian clothing can be worn in many ways. For example, you can choose to subtly propagate your faith with only a small cross, or with a pronounced text that is on the entire back. If you choose to subtly propagate your faith, it is also very nice to combine with other pieces of clothing. Take, for example, our minimalist design with only the cross on the chest. If you put an overshirt on top of this, the cross is even less noticeable because you have more items of clothing on, while at the same time the cross is beautiful in the center of your outfit and you can express your faith in a subtle and modern way.

Christian T-Shirts with a cross New Testament

Pronounced Christian clothing

If you choose to wear more outspoken clothing, this is of course also very nice to combine with another piece of clothing. However, if you want others to see your garment for what it says on it, it can sometimes be inconvenient to put something over it because you can no longer see the text on the back, for example. In this case, I therefore recommend wearing such a piece of clothing without too many combinations, unless of course you want to go for the surprise effect when you take something off.

Saved By Grace Christian Hoodies

Christian T-Shirts

You can wear T-Shirts in many ways and also for every season. In warm weather you can wear a nice basic T-shirt with shorts, but in colder weather it is very nice to combine it with, for example, an overshirt. If the weather is a bit in between, you now also have very nice body warmers (vests) to combine with a T-Shirt. See below for some inspiration with our designs.

Christian T-shirt with Vest and JoggerpantsChristian Orange T-Shirt Women New Testament

Christian Hoodies

Hoodies! My personal favourite. Just like T-Shirts, you can combine hoodies with an overshirt or together with a body warmer. Nevertheless, they are less suitable for warm weather (except for the cooler summer evenings of course). Hoodies look cool because of the hood and you can use them in many ways. Personally I like an oversized look, then you choose a hoodie that is larger than your regular size and these are great to combine with cargo pants or jeans. If you want to wear a hoodie a bit more casual, choose your regular size with jeans and wear a hoodie more basic. Personally, however, I would wear a sweater if I go for casual and a hoodie for the tougher look. See below for some inspiration with our designs.

Christian Hoodie Men New TestamentDwight Dissels Christian Hoodie New Testament Cross

Christian Sweaters

Sweaters are great for the colder months. Just like the T-shirts and Hoodies, they can also be combined with an overshirt or body warmer very well, but at the same time as a nice basic. The advantage of a sweater over a hoodie is that the hood does not get in the way if you put a jacket over it, for example. In addition, a hoodie can sometimes look a bit sloppy because of the hood, so I prefer a sweater over the hoodie if I go for a more casual outfit. See below for some for inspiration with our designs.

Christian Sweater with vest New TestamentChristian Sweater New Testament Brown Cross


In short, you can wear Christian clothing in all kinds of ways, just like non-christian modern clothing. If you prefer to wear it subtly, work with layers or simply choose a subtle design. This category is very nice to combine with, for example, overshirts, body warmers or jackets. Do you want your clothing to stand out immediately when you wear it? Then choose not to work with layers or at least less, and own the garment for what it is!

Did you get inspired? Check out our collection here!

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