Fair & Sustainable Fashion

What does fair and sustainable fashion mean?

Fair and sustainable fashion means that the clothing is made in an environmentally friendly (eco-friendly) way for both people and the planet, from materials that reduce the negative effect on our world. Fair and sustainable fashion focuses on fair treatment of workers in the shape of no child labour, normal working hours and living wages within a healthy working environment. The materials being used are mostly organic, recycled and animal friendly. In short, fair and sustainable fashion is aiming to achieve a carbon-neutral fashion industry, built on equality, social justice, animal welfare and ecological integrity.

How We Do It

To do the best we can, we are cooperating with a top 16 (by the textile exchange) leading company in sourcing high-end sustainable materials. Besides that, it has been member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2012 and is placed in the category ‘Leader’. This means that the company is doing exceptionally well, and is operating at an advanced level. It shows best practices in complex areas such as living wages and freedom of association. The company is certified by some of the world’s leading bodies with the following certifications:

- Global Organic Textile Standard
- Global Recycle Standard
- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
- Organic Content Standard

Proudly made in Bangladesh

Our production partner works with the best factories in Bangladesh and is proud to have contributed to the country’s economic upgrade, and the social advancement of its workers. Since the beginning, our partner has worked closely with its partner factories to improve working conditions for the people who make our clothes, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Organic Cotton

We only sell garments made of organic cotton or recycled materials. Organic cotton comes from seeds that have not been genetically modified (non-GMO) and is grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Organic cotton farming uses natural methods such as crop rotation, which benefit not only the soil, fauna and the environment, but create biodiversity and promote good health and quality of life for farmers and their communities.

Recycled Polyester

Our ultimate sustainable fabric - The purest way to work with cotton

Our production partner uses recycled polyester to add stability, strength and sustainability to our sweatshirts, sweatpants and bodywarmers. We have been selling only recycled polyester since the beginning in 2020. Recycling polyester allows for considerable energy savings in the manufacturing process. It is clear that tackling plastic waste has become one of the major environmental challenges of our time – globally, about 9,5 million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually, most of it single-use.

Did you know that plastic bottles can be turned into clothing?

Recycled polyester is produced from post-consumer PET bottles, the same plastic bottles used for bottled water which would otherwise go to landfill or end up in oceans. Once cleaned, melted and purified, the plastic from the bottles is blown into yarn. This used to create clothing fabrics which are soft, durable and breathable. The recycled yarn is sourced mainly from China. Our partners recycle what would otherwise become polluting waste.
Bottles > Flakes > Melting > Chips > Staple Fibre

Natural Raw

Our ultimate sustainable fabric - The purest way to work with cotton

With our natural raw items, we’re reducing our impact on our planet and its people to the bare minimum. Made using undyed 100% organic cotton, it’s the ultimate example of how style and sustainability go hand in hand. Because it is completely free from dyes this garment reflects the true colour of the cotton plant itself. The fabric is textured with tiny specks of the original plant, including seed particles, adding to its beauty and authenticity. No dyeing means: - Fewer chemicals - Less water - Less energy