What is Christian Clothing?

What is Christian Clothing?

What is Christian Clothing?

In this blog I write about the definition of Christian clothing according to my own interpretation. It is therefore not a fact and opinions can differ on this but I do try to substantiate my opinion as biblically as possible.

Fair and sustainable clothing

Clothing is Christian when it's made with the right intention in terms of fair and sustainable production. This means that everything is done to optimize working conditions and that the workers who work on the garment receive a living wage for this. In addition, everything must be done to reduce the ecological footprint on the world. Think of the use of organic cotton and recycled polyester for the production of the clothing.

Why is fair and sustainable clothing Christian?

Fair and sustainable clothing is Christian because people think and care about our fellow human beings, about our world and about the clothing itself. The Bible teaches us that love is very important. For example, Jesus says the following about love in Matthew 22:37-39: Jesus answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This commandment is the first and the most important commandment. The second commandment is the same: "Love your neighbor as yourself." The love for God is therefore the most important, but also the love for yourself and your fellow man.

Clothing with a Christian message

Garments are Christian when the designs have a Christian message. Sounds obvious, and it is obvious. Furthermore, the Christian meaning must refer to The Gospel of Jesus Christ, to God Himself or to other "positive" events, verses or persons from the Bible. 666 on a T-Shirt is therefore not a Christian T-shirt, but a cross (not a reversed cross) on a hoodie, for example, is Christian. 666 refers to the devil, but the cross refers to Jesus. The devil is well-known in Christianity, but with 666 on your back you do not refer to Jesus Christ or to God but to the opposite. The Cross on the other hand does.


In short, clothing is Christian when it's made with the right and loving intention towards people, the world and the clothing itself. In addition, clothing is Christian when the design has a Christian meaning and refers to the gospel of Jesus Christ, to God himself or to other 'positive' events, verses or persons from the Bible.

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